Friday, 23 November 2007

The Hardest Part of this, is Leaving You

Not alot to report today..

No real side-effects from the whole brain radiotherapy yet, apart from my head feeling a bit more 'fuzzy' again, and being a bit more tired than usual.. Probably a combination of the radiotherapy, and travelling to hospital and back, every day.
I'm four treatments in, with another five to go, next week. At least I get the weekend off!

So I'm just going to leave you with a Youtube link, to the My Chemical Romance song, 'Cancer'.
I'm not really a My Chemical Romance fan, but this song says some of what I've felt for a while, and I kind of like it..
My Chemical Romance - 'Cancer'


ian gordon said...

Your attitude is an inspiration.

Every best wish for a great christmas!

Anonymous said...

Well that has me blubbing into my keyboard.... What a moving song and video clip to go along with it...!!

My thoughts are constantly with you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dee. I guess you are done your radiation now, how did it go? I hope that you are feeling alright. Have you been weaning yourself off the steroids too? How did that go?

Have a great weekend! Just wanted to say "hi" and "thinking of you".

Anonymous said...

Hi Dee...

wondering how you're doing?


Kitty O'toole said...

Hey Petal,

Love you so much babe. I'm so sorry you have to go through all the bravest, most utterly lovely person I know, and I'm so proud you chose me to be your friend x
I'd never heard that song before, but I played it twice and got a huge lump in my throat...but I guess it does some it all up. Will give you a huge big squeeze when I next see you- this week I hope.
Love you babes xxx
PS At least I'm not attractive ;P