Sunday, 11 November 2007

Sunday Evening

I'm happy to say that, compared to the last few weekends, this one's been a bit more 'normal'.

James took me to Tesco, yesterday. Then over to Lisa's last night. It was really nice to be able to visit friends, rather than the other way around.
Lisa said I seem much better than when she last saw me, about a week and a half ago.
In fact, James said I seem alot better than a week ago too. I suppose people who don't see me every day, can see more of a difference.

My balance, vision, etc is still far worse than it was before the op. But at least I can walk around now, without worrying too much about falling over things and people, which is a vast improvement on a couple of weeks ago.

Today, we ventured to PC world, for a new mouse for my new laptop. And then I cooked (an easy!) dinner.
Yesterday I cleaned the bathroom, mopped the kitchen floor, and hoovered the flat.
Ooh, I also had a couple of glasses of wine last night, with our pizza!

I had to take painkillers in the night, because the bones in my legs were hurting and keeping me awake, which I guess is from the zometa.

I haven't slept too well over the weekend. Been waking up at around 4am, and lying awake, thinking about 'memory boxes'.. the kind of things parents make for their children, when they know they're not going to be around for their future.
I don't have children, but I've been thinking it might be a good thing to do for my parents, and a couple of close friends.
So I've been lying awake, thinking about what I could write in letters, and what else I could put in these boxes.
It's a strange thought really.. it's like thinking of what to give as christmas gifts. But then I remember that I wont be there to see people open these boxes.

I'm at my parents at the minute, after James dropped me off on his way back home. But I'm going home later on, and I'll be staying on my own tonight, for the first time in three weeks!

All this mundane everyday stuff, that you never appreciate until you can't do it. I love mundane everyday stuff!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new computer and on the improvements! It must feel good to have some of your independence back. Sounds like you've been working hard, that is more cleaning than I got done this weekend! I hope things keep improving at the same rate.

Take care,
Tanya from Canada