Friday, 9 November 2007

My Life's All About Hospitals and Drugs

Today I'm posting from my shiny new Dell laptop!
It's the first time I've been able to get my head around using it properly.
I have to say, it's rather nice. It has a bigger, much clearer screen than my old laptop, so that's ideal now.
I'm also happy to report that I'm almost back to my normal typing speed (which has never been wonderful, to be honest!).

Yesterday was a very long day at the hospital.
I had my regular Herceptin treatment, along with my first Zometa infusion.
Appointment was 1:30pm, and I'd finally got a cannula in (after only 3 attempts. Not bad for me) at 4pm, and didn't get home until just gone 8.

I got home to find my appointment for my whole brain radiation planning session, on 20th November, which says it could take "a considerable length of time". Oh goody!
I don't really know what to expect for that. They also invited me to take a 'full tour of the radiotherapy department', next week, but I think I'll pass on that one!

Have to say, I felt pretty rough earlier today. I don't know if it was zometa side-effects, or just everything else. But I feel a bit brighter this afternoon (well enough to use my new laptop, anyway!).
I must admit I was a bit naughty today though. I'm only on 2mg steroids (dexamethasone) per day now, but I hate them. My face is getting more puffy by the day (if I press my forehead, it stays squidged in, because of the fluid), they make me bloaty, make my brain even more fuzzy, and my mouth taste horrible. So I decided I'd try to go without, this morning.
Didn't last long though. After I'd felt rough and very spaced out for a while, I relented, through fear I might have a funny turn if I didn't take them.

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