Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Yesterdays Oncology Appointment

I saw my oncologist yesterday, who said I'll still be having herceptin as planned, this Thursday, along with zometa (a drug to help with the bone mets).
The pathology report on the brain tumour shows that it's consistent with secondaries, which is what I expected. They say they have no reason to think otherwise, so it'll be treated as such.

Whole brain radiation should start in 1-2 weeks, every day for 2 weeks, so there's something else to look forward to! I'll loose my hair again, and it may or may not grow back.

I was hoping to be able to stop taking the steroids for a while, until WBR started, but they want to keep me on them until afterwards. They make me hungry all the time, make my mouth feel horrible, and are making my face swell. I really don't like taking them at all.

I also have to have a liver scan asap, so we can see what's happening there. Then they can decide if I have to start more chemo straight away, or whether it can wait a while.

I had a shower this morning, rather than a bath, for the first time since the op.
I haven't been stable enough to stand in the shower up til now, so it was really nice, and I feel like I've acheived something today.

My neck's sore and a bit swollen still, but not overly so. They did say I'd have a very stiff neck, because they'd had to pull apart the muscles, to get where they needed to be. But it really hasn't been bad at all. I'm quite surprised (but glad) at how little pain I've had from it, so far.
Here are a couple of photos, for your viewing pleasure!

All stapled up, a few days after surgery

On Saturday, after having the staples removed on Friday


Brigitte said...

Ohh my... Dear Dee, I'm glad that you're feeling better and not too bad, that's good news. So I'll keep my fingers crossed and send all my good thoughts over to you!!

Anonymous said...

Bless you for keeping your blog updated... I check it almost daily to see how you're doing!

And good for you for getting in that shower!!

One day at a time....

Still in my thoughts daily

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your updates. I am checking in on you and thinking of you everyday. I am glad to hear that you are experiencing improvement after such a big (scary) surgery.