Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Wibbly Pigs!

I seem to have neglected to write anything, for the whole of May, and half of June!
I'm still here anyway, and have added two baby guinea pigs to the family..

As far as health stuff goes, I saw my onc's registrar yesterday, after having a liver scan a couple of weeks ago.

The liver scan showed no change from January. Which in turn, showed no change from the previous one (in November 2007, I think). I find this quite hard to believe, considering how poorly I was with my liver, from January to April. But that's what they say, so..
Apparently there are lots of clusters of small tumours scattered throughout the right lobe of my liver.

The last time I saw my onc, 3 weeks ago, and the time before that, my liver function was getting worse. It seems to have improved slightly this time (even though the numbers are still much higher than they should be), which is as good news as I could hope for now.

I was at the lymphoedema clinic today (which is located in a hospice, so I always try to not look in the wards), to review the compression glove they gave me last week. And to get some trendy compression socks, for my swollen feet and ankles.
These things always come in 'American tan'. Does anyone actually have that colour skin?!

I'm off on hols, to Jersey, a week on Sunday, so just keeping my fingers crossed that I stay relatively well for that!

Myself and t'other half are going to Silverstone International this weekend, to an MG 'do', so fingers crossed for nice weather. I haven't figured out how to keep dry yet, when I'm in the wheelchair! Hoping to see some familiar faces there.

I had my zometa (bone strengthening drug) infusion yesterday, which always wipes me out for a couple of days. So I think I might go have a kip!