Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Six Months Ago Today...

I was having brain surgery!

I've just realised that it's 6 months ago today, I had my brain op.
My oncologist told me that the "damned lies and statistics" (ok, so he didn't say that) gave me 6-9 months to live.
I know the liver issues are more likely to do me in now, than the brain.. but who knows, really. I might get eaten by a giant mouse, next week!

Well, I've made 6, so far.
For a while, I really didn't think I would, but I have. And I'm not planning on going anywhere yet.. I have a new fish to look after, and holidays to plan!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dee,
You sound more positive than you have of late. Keep it up hunny.
Your fish is gorgeous! what a beautiful blue it is.
Hope you are feeling as well as can be expected. Thinking of you
Love Karen (Wings) xxxx

MH72 said...

Congratulations on the 6 months (I really hope it is appropriate to congratulate?).
I am a totally stranger to you but your blog and your story makes me come back....
Greetings, smiles and thoughts to you from Denmark :-)

bionicwoman said...

Great to hear you sounding more upbeat and it's so good to have things to enjoy and look forward to. Your new fish looks stunning!
The harp looks beautiful too - I'm a pianist so know how therapeutic playing for your own pleasure and that of others is!
Take care
Anne (bionicwoman)