Friday, 25 April 2008

Race For Life

An online friend of mine's wife, is doing the Race for Life.. please sponsor her, if you can spare a couple of pounds :o)

I know this guy, through an a car forum, that I joined when I had my MGF.
These people raised almost £4000 for me, when I thought I was going to have to pay for treatment.

This is what Paul said, on the forum..

Hi people,

Been reading Dee's post, which is heart wrenching stuff.
My family have had some rough times this year with cancer related moments
(the worst of which is my mother died 2 months ago of cancer and I have a
wonderful 17 year old niece diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour who has
had a brain op and just completed 8 weeks of intensive and daily radiotherapy).
I have been doing my fund raising bit, and so is my wife.

My wife Sue did the 27 mile moonwalk around London last year when loads of
ladies did the marathon route at night in thier bras (cor!) and this year she is
doing the Race for life this year, a running event.

I hate asking for sponsorship, but Race For Life has made it much easier by
having an on-line page for it's participants and I would be very pleased if you
visited it and even made a donation - no matter how small - as it seems to me
that everyone has or will be affected by cancer at some point in thier lives and
the more we can do to fight it, the better!

Thanks in advance, the page is:


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