Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Raise Funds for Weston Park Hospital Cancer Appeal

This is where I ask for your help, ladies and gents.. and it wont even cost you anything!

Weston Park Hospital is one of only three centres of excellence for cancer treatment, in the UK.
This is where I recieve my treatment, under the excellent care of their oncology team.

If you're a bit of an online shopper (like me!), you can help to raise funds for the Weston Park Hospital Cancer Appeal, just by registering through The website..
There are many places you can shop at, including shops like M&S, Currys, Tesco, Boots.. places everyone shops at. And it wont cost you a penny more than you'd be spending anyway.

Registration's easy.. it'll only take you a minute or two.
You can also register with
Easysearch, to help raise a bit more, without even shopping.

I hope this doesn't come across as being 'spammy'. I just want to make people aware that they can help raise funds for this hospital, who've been so good with me, over the past year.

In other news..

Not much to report really. I'm still feeling better, with the steroids (praise the steroids!). I no longer feel my death is imminent, though it could be.. who knows.
I'm still able to eat, and don't feel sick all the time anymore.
I saw my onc yesterday, and I've put a couple of pounds back on, since my last onc visit, three weeks ago.
I still have awful stomach ache/pains, and a dodgy tummy, which I'm fairly sure is down to the Xeloda/capecitabine chemo tablets.
I started to get hand & foot syndrome on my feet, but Udderly Smooth cream seems to have rescued them, for now.

I had an ok birthday, though I wasn't too well with my tummy.
My lovely friend Lisa, had a star named after me.. a beautiful present, from a beautiful person :o)

I had a fair amount of money given to me, for my birthday, so was forced to go shopping again at the weekend!
I've also ordered something I've wanted for as long as I can remember.. a harp! I eagerly await it's arrival!


Anonymous said...

Hiya Dee, I too was treated at Western Park, under the same onc as you, and his/their care is wonderful, ive followed the link as i do quite a bit of online shopping so its a great idea,
Take Care

Suzi Kirkham said...

Dee, my heart goes out to you. Your journey is moving and you write it so well. My husband is terminal - and facing liver failure - he has just been started on steriods and Xeloda, so your story has given me some hope for peaceful days - at least in the short term. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Garnet said...

YAY! i'm so glad to hear the steroids are working for you! I just started taking Xeloda last week and freaked out two days later when I felt the excruciating abdominal pains! It's times like those that I, too, feel that death is right around the corner waiting to attack me. I had no idea I was to expect that side effect. It comes and goes now but I have very little energy.
I'm glad you had a nice birthday! Getting money for shopping is always fun! That way you can pick out your own stuff that you've coveted all year long!
Sorry I haven't been around lately. Haven't been feeling well enough to blog-surf.
Take care.

Jane said...

Dear Dee,

You are in my thoughts. I am not sure what else to say, except that I continue to feel great admiration for your the way you communicate to us in this blog. Your honesty is very moving, and you have touched so many people with your story...even me....a stranger in faraway San Francisco. A big hug to you, Dee. I hope you can find a way to get past the aches and pains, which sound so awful, and find some moments of peace and calm and relief. I hope that a little of my good thought vibes will travel to you in some mystical way, and help to lift you up a bit.