Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Fishies & Harps

Right then, where are we?

Since I last blogged, I've bought a harp.. the musical variety.

I've wanted one forever, so I splurged my birthday cash (it was only a small, cheapy one, as far as harps go).
It's just lovely :) I've never attempted to play one before, so when I learned how to play Frere Jaques, I was a bit impressed with myself.

I was even more impressed with myself when I figured out part of Pachelbel's Canon (without music to follow). It's one of my favourite pieces of music, so now I'm on a bit of a mission to figure out the rest of it!

This is the harp. It's made from rosewood, and is very beautiful..

I've also got myself a fishy.. of the swimming variety, not the eating variety.
His name's Alfie, and he's a Betta. Also known as Siamese Fighting Fish. Also something else I've wanted for a while, but didn't want to lumber my dad with something else to look after (along with Dillon, my kitty) when I'm gone. I hate having to think that way, but that's how it is. But I've sourced alternative accomodation for him, should anything happen to me.

This is Alfie.. he's my bootiful blue boy..

I've been having some issues with the lymphodema in my left hand/arm (mainly my hand). My Macmillan nurse is coming to see me tomorrow, so I'm going to ask her to get me sent to the lymphodema clinic again, because I'm not convinced the sleeves and glove I've got (which I very rarely wear, because I don't usually need to) from a different lymphodema clinic, are even the right size!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dee,

I love your harp. How exciting that you are learning to play. I think they sound so pretty.

Love the fish. I have one too, his name is Hadji and I find him very entertaining. Who knew a fish could have so much personality but he surely does.

I'm glad you're finding some joy in your life. I check your blog nearly every day and have been reading it for well over a year now. I wish you the best.

Anonymous said...

Pachelbel, huh ? How ambitious ! Glad to see/hear/read you're feeling better. And do post a recording of your muscial efforts...
Michael K.