Thursday, 22 February 2007

A Shot to the Head

I had a dream last night..

I don't remember all of the dream, but the parts I do remember were very vivid. And it culminated in me being shot in the head.

The first thing I remember is being in a classroom, at some kind of lecture.
Everyone was sitting at desks, which had individual glass screens attached. These glass screens were instead of a big board at the front.
Writing and images were projected onto the glass screens, which we were taking notes from.
The bracket on my screen broke, and the person who fixed seemed a bit 'odd'.

At the end of the day, myself and a couple of other people seemed to be locked in this classroom. We couldn't get out, but other people could get in, it seemed.
It wasn't really a classroom at this point.. more of a lounge, with sofas and whatnot.

Strange things kept happening. I can't remember all of them, but I do remember someone bringing in a cheetah, which turned into a black tiger, and tried to 'get' us.
Then there was a gorilla.
These animals came out of a cupboard within the room we were in.
I think one of my uncles, who I haven't seen or spoken to for around twelve years (he's a bit of a dodgy sort, and my family disowned him), made an appearance too.

The general feeling about what was going on, was a bad feeling. Someone was out to get me.

Then I was at home..
Sitting in the lounge with my mum and my uncle (not the aforementioned uncle. This one's a nice uncle), when my uncle suddenly got up, put the hood on his hoodie up, and ran to the bathroom.
I knew there was something odd about this behaviour, so I got up to go over to my mum, and tell her there was something strange going on.
My uncle obviously saw me get up, and left the bathroom door open a bit, looking through it.

My auntie was in the kitchen, and I suspected she had something to do with all this oddness too. So my mum and me went to her.
We all sat down.. I was really upset, and I told her I knew something was going on, and I knew her and my uncle had something to do with it.
It transpired that my auntie and uncle were some kind of gangsters (incidentally, they aren't really.. they're lovely people!).

The next thing I knew, a big burly man walked around the edge of the door, pointing a gun at me.. It seemed I knew too much.

I had my left hand resting on the left side of my face. He put the gun on my hand, next to my temple.
I could actually feel the metal on my skin, and heard the trigger creak, as he went to pull it.
My auntie and my mum were sitting there, seemingly not at all surprised or bothered by the fact I was about to be shot.

I said "Tell James I love him." And the man pulled the trigger.
I felt it, but it didn't hurt. And I seemed to feel quite calm about it all.

Then I woke up, heart beating a bit faster than normal, and breathing a bit more heavily than normal.
I was genuinely surprised to still be alive.
I honestly thought I was a gonner.

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Minerva said...

Now that is just WIERD!!